About elite harvest maroc

Elite Harvest Maroc (EHM) is one of the leading producers and distributors of fresh fruit in the region. Our primary objectives are quality and affordability. We grow, source, import and market a wide range of high-quality agricultural products through the use of world-class technology and an effective distribution chain. We also prioritise the economic use of our precious natural resources – water, energy, and land.

With the benefit of regional knowledge and expertise, and with strategic investment in modern machinery and specialist training for labour, Elite Harvest Maroc is increasing output across its farms, situated at Kenitra, Fes, Sefrou, Marrakesh and Beni Mellal. A wide range of fruit is grown in all five locations.

Our vision

We want to inspire everyone to achieve the ultimate goal of a ‘Healthy Society’. We are committed to continuous improvement of our business operations, expanding production and employing innovative technologies in order to meet our goals.

Growing fresh product and delivering it to the public certainly delights us, but we aspire to go much further. Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and responsibility in our employees, we are creating new benchmarks in quality for agricultural products and aim to set the standard for agricultural activities in the region.

Our mission

Our mission is to work towards achieving ‘Food For All’. We believe we have an essential role to play in assisting the country on its journey to achieve self-sufficiency and food security.

We are committed to working hard to build EHM into a reputable business group in farming and its downstream industries.

Our Values

Achieve top quality

Foster agricultural growth through innovations

Work with sustainability in mind

Act with integrity

Commit to social responsibility


Food processing includes better understanding the process of ripening of fruits, optimum harvesting time, pre-cooling of freshly-harvested products, cold-storing of the raw fruits, sorting, cleaning and packaging technology.

At EHM, we have state-of-the-art facilities that are completely automated from sorting, cleaning, grading, and storage, through to packaging. We adopt scientific solutions to efficiently manage agricultural residues and in the recycling of waste.

Every year, EHM moves tons of agricultural produce from their farms to distribution centres, and on to supermarkets. The packaged products are stored in cold rooms which are essential for retaining freshness and enhancing shelf life. They are then transported to their destination by skilled staff in a fleet of refrigerated trucks. Acquiring the requisites of an end-to-end distribution channel, and infrastructure to support the business, has enabled us to enhance our logistics efficiency.

Quality and Food Safety are the No 1 priority across all of our operations. This emphasis starts in the field and at harvest. EHM only works with suppliers that adhere to the most rigorous industry and regulatory standards.

EHM follows the best post-harvest practices which include, but are not limited to, GMP programs like pre-cooling, cold storage, process control, produce traceability, Pre-Requisite Programs for cleaning and sanitation, facility and equipment maintenance, training, and pest control.

EHM has dedicated and specialised on-field and post-harvest Food Safety teams that cover all our growing regions and seasons. Employees are trained in all aspects of healthy farming and post-harvest practices including produce handling, inspections, hygiene, sanitation, and attire. Induction and ongoing staff training programs are essential to ensure only the safest and best quality product reaches our customers.

EHM owns the farms and fleets used to transport the produce, and has complete control of production facilities, in order to offer top quality end products.

We can control the way the products are grown, processed, packaged, transported and marketed through a closely-monitored system, eliminating delays and issues caused by outsourcing any of these procedures to third parties.

We have a well-established business presence in five locations in Morocco: Kenitra, Fes, Sefrou, Marrakech and Benimellal, and will embrace geographic diversification as we move forward. This will help us provide a myriad range of products all year round across all our sites.
We concentrate on the fastest-growing markets throughout Morocco, offering us unique opportunities in terms of production, exports, and domestic consumption.

Our driving force is the enduring vision and passion of our management towards the agro industry. We assign a greater value to human capital than anything else. And this philosophy has seen us build an efficient management team with great values to lead the company.

Being part of an innovative business in Morocco, we are more than convinced about the role our team has to play in this competitive world, where growing and sustaining business has become a Herculean task.

But we are undaunted by the scope of the task before us, confident about our team, and clear about the challenges before us. Our dedicated workforce, with years of hard work and dedication behind them, will certainly stand us in good stead in the coming years.

We understand that a business like ours demands a high degree of social responsibility as our sphere of work involves the most valuable natural resources – soil and water. We are committed to continuous improvement in environmental management at all our locations and to improving the well-being of the communities where we operate.

CSR at Elite Harvest Maroc is considered as one of the basic pillars adopted by the company in its projects. Based on this principle, EHM carries out social projects for local communities adjacent to its projects.

Zaouiate Boughrine school project:

The school is located near Sefrou farm, where about 400 students study each year.

The project consists in:

  • Renovating school’s technical and sanitary facilities, classrooms and computer rooms.
  • Creating two new classrooms
  • Equipping the computer room with new computers.

Dlalha park project:

The project is located near Dlalha farm. it consists in

  • developing a game park with two play lands for children.
  • A Soccer court
  • A Basketball court

In addition, a nursery will be constructed and a permanent nurse will be hired to take care of our female workers’ kids.

Our mission to become a leader in the development of the national economy through selective investment initiatives. The group invests in developments based on genuine business models, state of the art technology, and high quality products and services.